What's this project all about?

The Coles Bay township is supplied with water from the recently upgraded reservoir located north of the town.

We are delivering a project to provide additional water surety to the township. The project involves installing an additional pipeline from the existing water main on Coles Bay Road to the corner of Reserve Road. This additional pipeline will minimise the number of water supply interruptions for the community of Coles Bay.

Our project team and contractors will work hard to ensure any impacts to the community are kept to a minimum, but as with all construction you may notice an increase in vehicle activity in the vicinity of the works, noise related to excavation, and dust.

Temporary traffic arrangements may reduce traffic to a single lane during normal working hours along the pipeline route. We will notify you directly if our work is likely to impact your day-to-day life.

Works are scheduled to commence in April 2024 and take approximately 8 weeks to complete.

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We welcome your feedback on the Coles Bay Water Main Renewal project.