What's this project all about?

TasWater is currently in the process of relocating a section of the water main along Deviot Road, Deviot, to steer clear of a landslip-prone zone. In 2013, a small part of the water main on Deviot Road started showing signs of trouble, prompting our Service Delivery team to keep a close watch due to its proximity to a nearby landslip area.

Dating back to 1962, this water main follows the road along the river edge from the Batman Highway to Gravelly Beach and beyond. The existing alignment poses concerns as it passes through an area susceptible to landslips, raising worries about potential impacts on people, buildings, and infrastructure in case of leaks. There's also the added concern that such leaks could speed up the occurrence of landslips.

The project has been progressing well, with construction slated to commence in 2024.

For more information on what steps to take around landslide-prone areas, visit the State Emergency Services website here.