What's this project all about?

Our District Metered Area (DMA) Project is a Statewide program that aims to get a better understanding of water loss within our system. To understand where water loss is high, it is necessary to install flow meters. These meters are installed in the ground on our existing water lines and provide us with data to understand where we may have undetected leaks.

We currently lose up to 30 per cent of the water we treat.

We have set some aggressive targets to drive down water loss and help preserve our precious drinking water.

The project will be delivered at various locations around the state.

What you will notice during our works

To perform these works, our contractors will be accessing existing above ground water meters or underground water line pits to install the flow meters. A 3.25m high pole is installed with a solar panel on top, this is to provide the power required to operate the meter and logger, which is similar in size to a traffic light pole.

Outage interruptions of up to 5 hours to your water service are planned as part of these works. Some works will be completed overnight in larger residential or business districts.

Temporary traffic management directions may be placed in your area for the safety of our contractors. Please follow all signs and drive safely.

If any works impact short term access to your property via the driveway, our contractor will discuss this with directly by door knocking when works are about to commence. All authorised personnel will carry a TasWater induction card, which you may ask to see.