Community support for the introduction of sewerage services

TasWater currently provides a water service to approximately 300 properties in Gravelly Beach. A petition to explore the introduction of a sewer service was presented to TasWater by the community.

We consulted with the community to assess indicative support to introduce sewerage services. Our consultation process followed the TasWater Service Introduction Charges Policy and Community Engagement Policy.

Gravelly Beach property owners were sent a non-compulsory survey for their feedback. The survey provided feedback on current community sentiment and level of support for the potential introduction of a sewer service to Gravelly Beach and if they would happy to pay for the introduction of service. Consideration of service introduction would only proceed to the next stage if at least 50 per cent of the community support the proposal.

The community and stakeholder consultation for the Gravelly Beach Service Introduction did not meet the community acceptance threshold of 50 per cent and will therefore not proceed beyond stage 2.

Full details of the community consultation can be viewed in the engagement report below.

Why can't TasWater pay for the infrastructure?

TasWater was formed in 2013 to manage Tasmania’s existing water and sewerage infrastructure. We are owned by Tasmania’s 29 Local Councils, and the Tasmanian Government.

Many of our existing assets are either undersized, need upgrading or replacing. That’s why we are investing $1.5 billion on capital works across the state over the next five years.

With our capital investment committed to maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure we already have, we cannot reasonably ask existing customers to also pay for the introduction of new water and sewerage services.

In order for service introductions to occur, we must recover our costs from the customers to which the new service would be available, from the provision of external funding contributions (if available), or a combination of the two.