What's this project all about?

Woodbridge’s existing sewerage network was designed and built decades ago for a much smaller town. The network will often overflow as stormwater enters the sewerage system.

We are installing an emergency storage tank at the Silverwater Park Pump Station to minimise the frequency, volume, and impact of overflow events, leading to improved environmental outcomes for the region.

What you will notice during our works

There will be construction activity around the Silverwater Park Sewage Pump Station including excavation, truck and vehicle movements, heavy equipment and staff.

Most work will take place weekdays Monday to Friday, and we have targeted times outside the peak summer and holiday periods, where possible.

During the works temporary safety fencing and traffic management will be in place so you should expect some restrictions to parking and modified access to some parts of the park.

Access to play equipment and public toilets will remain open.

While TasWater and our contractors make every effort to reduce our impact on the surrounding community, it is our hope that locals will understand there will be some short-term disruption to deliver a long-term benefit.

Silverwater Park

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