What's this project all about?

This is a TasWater project in partnership with Glenorchy City Council and is the first step towards completion of the full vision outlined in the Glenorchy City Council’s Master Plan, developed through extensive consultation with Glenorchy’s communities on the future of this important asset.

The project will involve employing a contractor for earthworks and landscaping that will remove most of the 20-metre-high dam wall and sculpt the area into a usable space.

Once the new grasslands and water features are established and ready, the fence around the site will be removed so the public can enjoy the new area.

The key features of this project will include:

  • creating a gently undulating site that includes level family-friendly areas
  • shapes that allow for drainage and overflow following large rain events, covered with topsoil to stabilise the new area with vegetation
  • a chain of lined wetland ponds, filled with water and appropriate plants
  • a series of level walking tracks
  • most of the dam wall will be removed and used to fill the site, but a small section will remain as a viewing platform and maintain the site’s heritage
  • the existing concrete bypass channel will not be changed
  • the existing masonry wall along the north-western edge will remain in place
  • the boundary fence will remain in place during construction until the new grasslands are well established.

Contract awarded to local contractor Gradco. Based on a collaborative design between TasWater and Council, Gradco will build a small chain of wetland ponds, a gently sloping site shaped to allow for drainage, covered with topsoil and vegetation. TasWater aims to handover the site to council as a community parkland in mid-2024.

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Contract award media event at Tolosa Dam.