Why we want to hear from you

If you have ever wanted to help shape the future of water services in Tasmania - now is your chance!

We are at the start of a process to find the balance of price and service that is fair for all Tasmanians. Every four years, we submit a detailed plan to the Tasmanian Economic Regulator which sets out the services we will deliver to customers and the price each of us pays in return.

Our next plan is due to be submitted on 1 July 2025 and we want to make sure it reflects the things our customers and community value and expect from us.

We want to hear from as many people as possible to understand their experiences, expectations, needs and values, regarding the supply of water and sewerage services and our contribution to the Tasmanian community.

The 'Shaping Tasmania's Water Future' project will be our most extensive community engagement yet and we look forward to hearing from people across the state to help shape our water future together.

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